August 16, 2006

We got a PACKIJ!!!

Mom was home sicky today wif a tummyake and it's a good thing becos... *smack* Hey! What was that for Finny?

Be a little more sympathetic, will you? Pore mom feels terribul she keeps falling asleep or running...someware....I'm a gentlecat, so I won't say. Go on, Buddy, and be nise!

OK, pore mom was home today and I'm reely sorry she was sicky, but I'm glad she stayd home and let me and Finny take care of her.

Anywayyyyy...somebean rang the dorebell and wen mom went over there, they was gone but...look wat was owt there!!

I jumped on top of the box right away 'cos I knew it was for me and Buddy! We clawd it and made mom open it up and then we started opening stuff up and boy did we get some coooool stuff!

We got pikcher frames and mom got a note pad wif a kitty on it and notecards wif kitties on 'em too! Ohhhh, what is this??

Not just one, but TWO of the Litter of Squillions from the Green Wall Shelter!!! They din't tell us there names yet, so we thot it wood be nise if our SEcret Paws, those byootiful ladies from Kazokuneko, Miss Yuki and Miss Kimiko, helped us find cool Japanese names for them like they have.

In case you haven't been to there blog yet, please go visit Miss Yuki and Miss Kimiko and say hi to them and there woofie and there beans.

Thank you furry much for owr Secrit Paws purresents, Miss Yuki and Miss Kimiko!!!!


The Meezers or Billy said...

Oh, those are purrty Green wall shelter kitties! We hopes they gets purrty names!

Kismet said...

Hi guys! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

I am very jealous of your new kitty friends. Are they lady cats? Mraw.

Anonymous said...

those is furry excellent purresents! make sure your momma doesn't frow away the box cause it's good fur lotsa playtime too. our Lady jus frows the box inta the middle of the room fur us an leafs it there. sure the house looks messy, but it's a good time fur us. wanna hear sumfin furry strange? while we was startin ta type this comment, you was leavin us one on our bloggie at the same time!

Anonymous said...

oh, sorry...we hopes your momma gets all better furry fast!

Just Ducky said...

Oh my more of the Squillians. Vir-ginger says hi.

Victor Tabbycat said...

More squillions! I'm startin to worry it might be sum kinda con-spirit-see. I hope they aren't alium intent on werld domination!

momsbusy said...

hi finnegan & buddy, we ar so glad yurs mommy liked ar secret paws presents we sented to hers. ifins we wood has known she had two nice kitties we wood has sent you guys some nip or treaties.

we has been thinkins really hard about names for the kitties. for the girl kitty (lite grey) we like machiko (ma-chee-ko chee as in cheese and ko as in cocoa) which means fortunate. they was really lucky ars mommy spotted them hiding in the back of the shelter. an furs the boy (dark grey) we like kiyoshi (kee-o-she long o sound) which means quiet. he never mews at all. we hopes yur mommy likes the names. let us know, ok.

momsbusy said...

that was from us yuki & kimiko