September 17, 2013

All the Cats love Grampa

Our good Grampa is not feeling so good these days. He doesn't amember how to use his computer, or ride his bike, or drive his car. But he still amembers how to pet the kitties! Grampa has a warm, gentle spirit that even the most timid girlycats love.

Grampa and Grandma with Cuzzin Grady. They resskewed Grady 
when some bad beans dumped him by their house.

 Grampa has great big hands, but he is furry gentle wif them and all kitties love him. 
Here he is wif Buddy one Christmas when we all stayed wif him and Grandma.

And me (Finny) working in the workshop wif Grampa when I lived wif him and Grandma 
while Mom sold our house in Charlotte. Grampa always took me wif him to get the male efurry day 
and I efen got to help him make wooden stuffs in the workshop!


Sparkle said...

Your grandpa has such an awesome way with kitties - and that's all that matters.

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh what a wonderful Grandpa!! Lots of hugs t him and all the Kitties!!
Your TX furiends,

The Lee County Clowder said...

We can tell Cousin Grady loves Grampa by the way he is laying there, so relaxed he's probably half asleep.

Purrrrrrrss to your Grampa & Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Love the family photos! Your Grampa has a Tender Heart! <3

Good to see you!

Katie Isabella said...

I love seeing the family pictures, sweet one. And what a wonderful grandpa you have. xoxoxo

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

How nice to have extra love like that!

P.S. We wanted to thank you for your kind thoughts when PQ went to the Bridge. It's getting a little easier for us each day.

Timmy Tomcat said...

That is one special Grampa fur sure. Thanks so much for sharing these with us

World of Animals, Inc. said...

We are so happy to see the family having such fun with you kitties. Grandpa looks like he having such a wonderful time tickling your belly. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Have a great day.
World of Animals