August 8, 2006

More about Cat Houses and Outside

Mom sez I haf to tell the troof. She sez we live in a neyberhood that is bizzy wif cars and droolers and it woodn't be safe for us to go sploring by ourselfs. Hmmphf. I am a brave and advencherous growed-up cat! I'm not a silly little kitten that wandered away from his mama-cat and got chased by bad bean boys and got losted and had to get resskewed...oh wate, I am. Well I'm a growed-up cat NOW.

We do get to go owt sometimes. Like wen mom is being a smartypants and KNOWS we woodn't want to get owr pawsies all wet and yucky.

Sometimes I run owt wen she comes home from werk and she lets me walk a little bit and get a few nibbles of grass, but then she comes and picks me up and holds me upside down like a little babycat! The owtrage!! The shame!!!

HA! But then there was the bestest time efur! Wen Bernard and Mrs. Bernard, the wild bunnies who visit us to eet berd seed grass, came to visit and mom opend the dore so she cood put some carrits owt there. I skweeeezed owt the little space and I went bunny-hunting!!!

This is ware to find these cool cat houses.

These ones and lots of other good stuff for poodins (and droolers) are at Drs. Foster & Smith.


The Meezers or Billy said...

wheneffur our mommy opens the big patio door, we run. outside is scary

Isis said...

Dear Finnegan,

I hope you received my letter. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.


p.s. Tell no one we have spoken!!!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Whoa! Nice cathouses. We get to go out with supervision when mom takes her book out to read and it's nice, but we have to go in when she tells us. We remember when you got out and went bunny-huntin'. That was a great adventure and you looked real professional doing it!!!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Bunny hunting sounds like fun. If you were outside in a cat house, you couldn't hunt bunnies cuz I fink they'd still be outside... more outside than you.

They also haf some cat houses like that in the Amazon.

Anonymous said...

we don't haf an outside an we is furry sad 'bout that :(

Skeezix the Cat said...

The Meezers are rite. The outside is scary becuz that's ware the vishus deer live, and if yoo go outside, they will eet yoo. These outside cat howses are nice -- do yoo think they'd be safe frum the vishus deer?

Hot(M)BC said...

Finny and Buddy,
You've been tagged!
Come see my post bout it.
~~ Mini

PS Mom says I have to say that nothing bad will happen to you if you don't play the tag game. That was easy to say cuz it's true. hahaha

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, I agree with the Meezers and Skeezix. The outside ain't all that super. I had to live outside and run from the vishus deer and I almost starved to death!!! I could hardly walk when I found Mom and Grandma and picked them. That's how starved I was!!! Don't run outside, starving is really bad. Trust me on that one please. But those cat houses look good. I bet you wouldn't starve if your beans let you play in the cat house in the afternoons. Speaking of starving, though, I'm hungry now so I think I'll have a snack.
~~ Mini

Anita said...

That is snow in August? =^00^=
It´s winter there?